Hansa Malpathak


Powerplant Fleet Management is part of Technical Operations. The Powerplant Management team are technically and financially responsible for the Turbofan engines, Auxiliary Power Units and Thrust Reversers in the Air New Zealand fleet.

We are currently organised around three basic core functions:

  1. Powerplant Engineering, Configuration and Repair
  2. Day of Operations support and Engine Health Monitoring
  3. Off-wing Maintenance Planning & Workscoping

We have a team structure of experienced Engineers and Planners who are based alongside the Fleet Engineering teams in Tech Ops at Auckland Airport. Our primary goal is to support Airline Operations with cost effective and compliant Powerplant fleet.

Where did your journey start?

In a very short time within Air New Zealand, I have been given a raft of opportunities to learn and grow not only as an engineer but also as a person. I have worked in a variety of areas within the business including engine shop floor, Engine Shop Production Engineering and now in Powerplant Fleet Engineering. While working in Fleet Engineering, I have had the chance to work on some of Tech Ops’s biggest projects such as the Engine Management Services Contract with Virgin Australia International. Following this project, I have recently been made the ‘Fleet Focal’ for on-going support to the GE90 fleet for Virgin Australia International and for Air NZ GE90 engines!

Where’s your journey taken you so far within Air New Zealand?

My journey with Air New Zealand started in 2008 when I started working as an Aircraft Engineering Trainee at the Christchurch Engine Centre- a joint venture between Air New Zealand and engine manufacturer Pratt & Whitney.  After having completed a Certificate of Aircraft Maintenance from Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology I approached the Christchurch Engine Centre for work experience and before my work experience hours were completed I was hired as a Trainee!

Where do you hope your journey will take you?

I hope that in my journey with Air NZ, I build a strong engineering foundation and gain a spectrum of skills and knowledge that will enable me to attain a leadership position of greater responsibility within Air New Zealand.

What Air NZ value do you feel you best represent and why?
I believe in all four Air NZ values and think that they sum me up very well! However, given a choice I would say that ‘Can Do’ is definitely the value that aligns with my attitude the best. I don’t think that there is anything that “can’t be done “. I like to challenge those that say something “can’t be done”. I believe that if we can manage to lift a 350 ton airplane off the ground and fly it, then that doesn’t leave much that we “can’t do”!

What’s the best story you’ve been able to tell after a day at work?
I am proud to say that I have some really great work stories to share with friends and family. My favourite would have to be when recently, I have been planning and supporting Borescope inspections (optical device with an attached camera relay that is inserted through specific ports into engines and components for inspections) to look at engine starters on my fleet. These have been a problem for a while. I was really pleased that my timely setup of the inspections made sure that we caught all the problematic starters within their warranty period and ensured that we were flying a safe, airworthy engines and not to mention the financial savings due to warranty compensation!

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