Sarah Taylor

Regional Operations Manager

Tandem Travel is a fully fledged travel management company. We are responsible for co-ordinating travel arrangements for a variety of corporate and government customers within New Zealand.

Every day is different, every customer has unique requirements and there are so many external factors that have an influence on our operation. It is great to be a part of a dynamic industry where you have the ability to make a difference to your customers and work alongside a great bunch of people.

Where did your journey start?

I started with Air New Zealand in May 2005 at Wellington Airport as a Customer Service Agent.

Where’s your journey taken you so far within Air New Zealand?

I have been very fortunate with the opportunities that have come my way. I spent 16 months in the Customer Service Agent position at Wellington Airport where I was trained in all aspects of the Airport Operation including Check In, Departure and Arrivals and Baggage Tracing. I moved to Tandem Travel (then Business Direct) in September 2006 where I was a Domestic / Short haul Consultant. In January 2008 I was appointed into a Team Leader position and spent the next two years developing my leadership capabilities and gaining a thorough understanding of our business unit. In May 2010 I was appointed into the Regional Operations Manager role where I have now been for over two years.

Where do you hope your journey will take you?

People who know me well know that I am a very driven individual and always like to take on new challenges. I hope that my journey will continue as it has begun. There is still a lot for me to learn, many new skills to master, more relationships to be developed and roles to fulfil so I hope my journey will continue to along this path and I am able to contribute positively to Air New Zealand.

What Air New Zealand value do you feel you best represent and why?

I would have to say ‘Be Yourself’. Whilst I have to adapt my approach sometimes to ensure I am targeting my audience right, I always let people see the real me. I am open and honest and a true believer that no matter what role you have within an organisation you should never be afraid to show people who you are.

What’s the best story you’ve been able to tell after a day at work?

I would have to say the best stories I have been able to tell is when I have watched my team pull together to get the job done. My area has been faced with a number of unforeseen events over the last 18 months, including the Christchurch Earthquakes, Pike River Mine and numerous weather disrupts. All of these events have put the team under significant pressure but the dedication and commitment that I see from my team is unbelievable. The hours they put in, the service they deliver and the compassion that they show just brings me a huge sense of pride.

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