Anita Hawthorne

Head of Logistics

My role is Head of Logistics, which is part of the Group Supply Chain team. The Logistics team is responsible for sourcing and managing Air New Zealand’s In-flight product.

The team includes Supplier Relationship Managers and a team at Warehouse and Logistics team which manage our global inventory.

I’ve been part of the Group Supply Chain team since December 2008. It’s a great area to work in as it draws on a wide range of skills – commercial; relationship management; influencing and negotiation; driving for results and performance, which impact the bottom line and understanding the customer experience. Group Supply Chain also interfaces with most areas of the business.

Where did your journey start?

My journey with Air New Zealand started in 1999 in Fixed Assets, Financial Services.

I was really keen to work for Air New Zealand.

My second interview was soon after the Christmas/New Year holiday. I wasn’t sure how it was going to go as I had to hobble in on crutches after breaking my foot at Great Barrier Island on New Year’s Day!

Where’s your journey taken you so far within Air New Zealand?

My journey has been one which is probably not standard for a Chartered Accountant.   It started out that way, with a Finance Analyst role before coming to New Zealand and the Pacific Islands as a Finance Manager. A year or so later the portfolio widen to Manager Short Haul Sales Finance.

Then, things changed…. I was seconded full-time to the Strategy team. We were locked away in a meeting room for three months coming up with ideas.

At the end of that, I moved into Marketing to run Airpoints. A Chartered Accountant in marketing! During this time in Airpoints, we introduced status points; ePass; myairnz; expanded the Airpoints earning partners to multiple banks and developed a retail partner in Loyalty NZ/Fly Buys. After just over two years in marketing, I joined the then newly formed Group Supply Chain team.

Where do you hope your journey will take you?

The key to satisfaction in my journey is to keep learning and growing.

I’ve really enjoyed moving to areas which challenge me – from finance to marketing, to supply chain and now, more specifically, logistics management.  Having successfully achieved in each of these moves gives me confidence that I could get in and quickly learn about parts of our business unknown to me.

My journey is most enjoyable when I have good teams around me who enjoy their roles and we are able to influence the performance of the airline or customers experiences.

What Air New Zealand value do you feel you best represent and why?

I feel best represented by the ‘Can Do’ Air New Zealand value.

I like a bit of problem solving – figuring out how to make something work. For me it’s important to understand how ideas/desired changes will deliver to our business strategy or improve the bottom line or a customer’s experience – then it is delivery mode… then figure out how we can do it.

What’s the best story you’ve been able to tell after a day at work?

There are too many to name just one….

  • Being recognised internationally for our achievements in Airpoints – winning the Global Flight Best Loyalty Programme Innovation
  • Loved going out to see a 777-300 when it arrived on 24 December 2010 – what a Christmas present
  • Really enjoyed seeing one of my past team members, Erica, coming up with the idea of the Airpoints Fairy
  • Going live with ePass and mPass… with no customer issues
  • Obtaining steering group endorsement for a strategic partner strategy that will impact our bottom line by millions

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