Anna Florendo

Airline Assistant

I work as a Check In Agent revolving around kiosk, main counters and premium check in. I also do customer airlines such as Korean Air and Qantas.

I work in the Front-of-House at the Auckland International Airport.

I also do customer airlines such as Korean Air and Qantas. Being trained in the lounge, there are times where I go up there to help. Apart from being a Check In Agent,  I also work at the Call Centre for half of my shift from Mondays to Fridays.

We answer the overflow calls and run domestic ticketing. It is very convenient because the Overflow Call Centre team is located just at the back of the Airport.

I enjoy working in all of the areas I am trained to work at for the simple reason that I enjoy interacting with people and every day is always different. I am not nailed into doing one specific task over and over again. I enjoy working with passionate people who don’t look at their work as just a job. 

Where did your journey start?
My Journey started as a Flight Attendant for Trans-Tasman Pacific with Air New Zealand. I did that for almost three years then decided to transfer here to the ground.

Where’s your journey taken you so far within Air New Zealand?
My journey with Air New Zealand has taken me a long way already. Being with the company for more than five years and counting, it feels to me like this is my second family. Coming from a completely different profession (Nurse) and different work experience from my country (Clinical Instructor), I did not even think I will be able to do what I am doing now. But Air New Zealand gave me the opportunity to try, and brought out this other side of me. Thanks to Air New Zealand - I am looking forward to discovering more of what I am capable of in this industry.

Where do you hope your journey will take you?
I hope my journey with Air New Zealand will progress and I will be able to experience what I haven’t experienced yet career wise. I am positive that with all the different areas in the company, I will continue to grow and learn a lot more in this business. I won’t stop here.

What Air New Zealand value do you feel you best represent and why?
“Be Yourself” is my numero uno.  Why? Because if you deal with customers by being yourself then everything else will follow. You will greet them with a smile and welcome them as a friend. Then sharing your New Zealand follows, and when you do all of that, the can-do attitude flows because you already built a rapport with them. It’s not hard, just enjoy what you are doing and all will fall into place.

What’s the best story you’ve been able to tell after a day at work?
Every day is different. Different people, different journeys, different experiences.

Some days are great and some aren’t. But the bottom line is, if you are working with people who have the same passion as you, people who work as hard as you and who enjoy their job as you do then we can overcome whatever challenge each day holds. Team work is the key and here at Air New Zealand, whatever your team did on the day is the best story you can proudly tell to everyone.

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