Our Vision & Principles

To communicate the way we see the world and the principles that guide us, we look to our famous Koru.

Air New Zealand's iconic Koru has many attributes. The new fern frond is called a Koru and Maori admired many of its attributes.

The Koru is beautiful and tenacious. Even in the most adverse situations it is able to regenerate and re-grow.

The overall form of the Air New Zealand Koru is a pattern known as "Mangopare". This shape represents the Hammerhead Shark.

Mangopare is revered for its grace, strength and determination; it is a social creature and when faced with a challenge, it never quits.

Mangopare shows our strength and determination and gives us confidence to keep moving forward, whatever the challenge.

So our Koru reflects and inspires who we are as Air New Zealanders. It links us to our beautiful country and gives us a sense of place. It reminds us of our responsibility to nurture and maintain our precious resources for future generations.

These powerful elements proudly come together in our Koru and encourage us to act with humility, dignity and authenticity.

We have a proverb in New Zealand ,"Okea Ururoatia" - Fight like a shark, be tenacious in your pursuit of your goals - never give up.

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