Company Culture

Coaching Culture

We are a company of people guided by a strong culture, people who give their all and wear our famous Koru with pride. Our Koru reminds us of who we are as Air New Zealanders, linking us to our beautiful country and giving us a sense of our place and culture. Inspiring us as Air New Zealanders and reminding us of our responsibilities to nurture, to act with humility, dignity and authenticity.

Nowhere is this more evident as when all of these attributes come together and reflect in our coaching culture.

Key to us achieving all we are capable of is realising and releasing the potential of all staff. Through strong leaders deploying a coaching philosophy, we empower our people and ensure that there is commitment to the business plan, customer service values and our people principles. It is then that we reach our collective potential.

Our business requires strong leadership and managers who coach, develop and use all the skills and capabilities that our employees possess.

Every Manager is responsible for coaching their team, for giving constructive feedback and for managing the performance review and feedback process. It is a culture where people are comfortable sharing skills and experience. At Air New Zealand, we know people work better and perform to a higher level, when coached well.

Developing Strong Reputable Leaders

Few organisations impact the country like Air New Zealand. We are very aware that each individual contribution is doing more than strengthening the reputation of Air New Zealand - it is strengthening the reputation of New Zealand - a privilege we hold with great honour.

We are a business driven by strong leaders, as recognised in being awarded "New Zealand's Most Reputable Organisation" for our leadership, customer service orientation, innovation, brand, corporate values, and our role as an ambassador for New Zealand.

We take very talented people and develop them. When there is constant pressure on costs, we stay ahead of the game by employing people who share our passion for excellence, our vision for the future and who have the right attitude.

Empowering people to take responsibility and make decisions which impact our customer, often in pressurised situations, with limited resources, builds genuine character. An understanding of the commercial and operational implications provides building blocks for a career in leadership. Further supported in our tailored internal leadership programmes at all levels of your career.

Across Air New Zealand you will find talented leaders with prolific business leadership skills that excel our business forward. Our business is exceptionally dynamic, change is constant and leaders are flexible, proactive, creative and accountable.

Development takes time

The goals you set and the actions you take are unlikely to result in dramatic change in the short term, which is why it is important to set goals that challenge and are achievable. We encourage our people to take ownership of their development as a high priority. Regular coaching, training, performance reviews and annual development plans, ensure this is in place. Ensuring you grow within your role and feel valued within the business and empowering you to make your development a top priority - so that everyone benefits.

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