Application Tips

We generally advertise all of our roles internally, then if needed externally via or via a job alert to those who have registered for job alerts and have selected those career areas.

Due to the amount of applications we receive, you will need to register and apply online as this is how we accept all applications, but what makes an application GREAT?

  • Before we advertise a role externally our talent sourcing team searches our database for candidates who match our requirements. This search focuses on the key requirements of the role and compares them to the same key words in your CV. Therefore if you don't attach a CV you won't be found!
  • When you set up your profile it helps to be specific when selecting the career areas you wish to work in, the type of work you wish to apply for and your remuneration expectation. This will make you stand out from the crowd in a competitive database.
  • Whilst we have some roles that do not require prior experience the majority of jobs we advertise do. We will detail the specific skills, experience and qualifications you will require. It is important that you carefully consider your match to the role the best applications will often attach a cover letter clearly explaining how you meet those requirements and the benefits you can bring to the role.
  • Motivation for a role is always a careful consideration when we are hiring and the best applicants will usually understand where they are taking their career and how this job helps them achieve that. Having multiple applications across a range of roles will raise questions about the extent you are motivated for "this role", or are just looking for "any role".
  • Don't be disheartened if you are unsuccessful at first. As a significant employer with a strong brand we receive up to 50,000 applications a year so competition is high. It's great that you're reading this as it shows you're keen to learn and improve your chances! There is an abundance of advice available to job seekers online. It is also useful to talk to a trusted mentor or manager in regards your career goals and how best to achieve them.

In summary - the most successful candidates are the ones who:-

  • Have a fully registered profile including selecting the specific role types they are interested in, and have registered for job alerts for those roles
  • Have attached an up-to-date CV that reflects the role they are applying for
  • Include a cover letter highlighting why they would be successful for the role and how they meet the specified requirements and or experience.
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