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Lane Zhou, Marketing Communications Executive

Tell us about your 'department': What does it do/Why work in this area?

My job mainly covers digital marketing for the China consumer market, which includes taking care of our China consumer storefronts, China social media platform (weibo), online media buying, various marketing campaigns, partnership with meta-search companies, trade website etc. In my previous job, I was working as an Office Administrator and PA for the GM, North Asia. The reason I am working in digital marketing now is that I have always been interested in marketing. After three initial years with Air New Zealand, I prepared myself for a move to my current role and Air New Zealand has given me this opportunity.

Where did your journey start?

In the last year of my post-graduate studies, I joined Air New Zealand as a full time intern and then moved into a role as Business Administrator. I started my career with Air New Zealand on the 4th Dec 2008. Besides the necessities like office software skills, to be a "Business Administrator" requires attentiveness, carefulness and most importantly, an open mind. Air New Zealand has given me the opportunity to do a wide array of things. It was a challenge in the very beginning of my career but I will appreciate this for my whole life.

Where's your journey taken you so far within Air New Zealand?

After being a Business Administrator for three years, the role of Marketing Communications Executive - Digital and Trade came available. As I have always been interested in marketing and had helped with the marketing team, Air New Zealand recognised my previous efforts and helped me apply for this role successfully. I officially transferred to the new role in October 2011 and I have been carrying on with the digital marketing role for more than half a year now. This has given me lots of new knowledge and insights in this new area.

Where do you hope your journey will take you?

As I have started my journey of being a marketer, I hope my journey can take me into a wider world of marketing. I would like to gain experience in different aspects of this field. Whilst I did not major in Marketing in my degree, I am also thinking about taking courses to equip myself with the necessary knowledge.

What Air New Zealand value do you feel you best represent and why?

I believe the value which I best present is "Can Do". I have proven to myself that a Business Administrator can be a good organiser. Given the short time I have been in my current role, I believe I could be good at digital marketing especially when I dedicate myself in learning new things. That said I always keep an open mind to where my career can go.

What's the best story you've been able to tell after a day at work?

The best story I have been able to tell is about the nice cooperation and teamwork spirit between our colleagues. Every day at work is full of challenges; however, we know that we are not working alone. For example, Karyn is doing a similar job to me and is based in Hong Kong, we usually try to solve problems but whenever we encounter difficult issues, we will seek each other's advice and we support each other when one of us is on leave.

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