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Jun Yada, Sales

Tell us about your 'department': What does it do/Why work in this area?

I belong to the Leisure Sales department in Tokyo. Our responsibility is to generate more than 80% of total revenue for Japan. We have 7 sales staff in Tokyo and Osaka to manage in each travel agency.

Having many touch points between indirect partners is a lot of fun even though we sometimes have to face tough negotiations.

That is why I love working in the sales team.

Where did your journey start?

My journey started 6 years ago when I started managing a key account. It was a big challenge for me to be responsible for a very large part of the revenue target for the Japan region.

Where's your journey taken you so far within Air New Zealand?

After six years of experience in managing such a challenging account, I had to go through so many issues such as SARS, swine flu, earthquake and so on. By having serious and honest negotiations at each time when I had to overcome critical situations, the relationship between partners strengthens every time and their motivations for promoting our destination have also gone up so much.

Where do you hope your journey will take you?

I hope those experiences will help build lasting friendships as a result of organizing so many touch points with trade partners. I hope it will take me to higher stages as a business person.

What's the best story you've been able to tell after a day at work?

My best story after a day would be... when we came up with a wonderful idea to promote New Zealand after a long brain storming session with partner.

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