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The UK is an important part of our market and is the commencement of the long journey to New Zealand. It's a journey our staff take great pride in hosting, knowing that for some customers, it is the last farewell for a New Zealander off on their OE or a beginning of a journey for a UK based family bringing home to New Zealand a grandchild for the first time and all the other special moments in between. Our team our dedicated to ensuring memorable moments and welcoming our returning Kiwis back to New Zealand.

If you have ever flown with us you'll know that we place a great deal of importance in our customers feeling welcome. We hope you will discover what makes our people so special, and how they in turn make us such a successful organisation.

You will very quickly learn that we are all about people - those flying with us, and those working very hard to ensure that their Air New Zealand experience is a fantastic one. When a passenger sets foot in one of our aircraft, or calls one of our call centres, they deserve to be delighted with the service they receive, which is why we make a habit of employing people for whom only the very best will do.

If excellence is part of your everyday life, if you thrive in an environment where a lot is expected of you all the time, and if you are ready to wear the koru with passion and pride, you're in the right place. Our UK offering is solely based in London, both in the city and at the airport. We have a Cabin Crew which is London based and this makes up the majority of our recruitment along with central corporate functions like Sales and Marketing.

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