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We have around 100 staff working in the USA and 3 in Canada. In the USA the vast majority of our team work in Los Angeles with others scattered across the country. We've a range of staff from cargo, engineering, airport operations, corporate office and sales working hard to share the Air New Zealand proposition across the region.

We asked some of our employees what it's like to work here and below are extracts of what they said:

  • "Air New Zealand is very unique in that it gives employees the latitude to make their own decisions, we are not a company that micro manages. A degree of self reliance and confidence to make that decision and be able to back it up is essential. Working in an offshore region is an accelerated education of the airline business. Having a smaller staff number means it is possible to get exposure to opportunities that perhaps would take many years in a larger head office environment. It's easy to interact and work with colleagues across departments."
  • "The region's management team is always very accessible and open to input and trying out new ideas to improve our business performance and customer service and to make our region an even better place to work."
  • "It's like having your own business, you have enough empowerment to make decisions that impact results. A place that promotes fun with productivity and the opportunity to learn with our in-house training program Up-skill."
  • "A desire to work hard, be a team player and work well with colleagues in various departments, willingness to learn and share knowledge, ability to adapt to the changing business environment and be willing to take on new responsibilities and most of all not take yourself too seriously and have a sense of humor!"
  • "Outgoing and friendly with a sense of self and the ability to adapt to change are attributes someone needs to be successful at Air New Zealand in the USA."
  • "One of the most important attributes to be successful in the USA is to be a good communicator. Working in any regional office with a head office a significant distance away can be a challenging environment and having that ability to convey your plans, goals and requirements clearly over distance is essential. Additionally being a team player who is willing to roll up your sleeves to help in areas that can be quite divorced from your job description. Finally having a good sense of humour, the America's team is like a family that works very hard but has a bit of fun while doing it."
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